Carpet Tips

Why get my carpets professionally cleaned?

Long before soiling is visible on the surface of your flooring, dirt and other pollutants have worked their way into the backing of your carpet turning it into a magnet for odors, germs and even more dirt. DIY equipment can remove some of this soiling from the top layer of your carpet; however, is not strong enough to extract the deep soiling within its fibers and backing. Unfortunately, it can even make some soiling worse by trapping a layer of debris under a sheet of soap residue, commonly known as “crunchy carpets”. With this equipment it doesn’t take long for the deep dirt to resurface and make your carpets look like they were never cleaned.

With our procedure and commercial grade equipment, your carpets will not only look and smell clean, they will be clean from top to bottom! Our cleaning involves a series of gentle, low pH solutions that permeate and release deep seated dirt. It is then removed by powerful, high temperature steam and suction, leaving you with a superior result.